Welcome to the Federal Funds Management Area, a program of the Governor's Office of Management and Budget. We seek to strenghten the Commonwealth's capacity to access and manage federal funds in order to advance the goals of the federal and local governments and foster our economic and social development.​

Enlace de petición y manejo de fondos de FEMA para el programa de Asistencia Pública- Huracán Irma y María:
Grant Management Software Tempest-GEMS:   https://Tempest-gems.com


USA Spending's snapshot of grant dollars awarded in the current Federal Fiscal Year to public and private entities in Puerto Rico​. 


$ 145,914,957.00
The OMB Federal Funds Management Area mission is to provide
support and strengthen the Commonwealth’s capacity to identify,​​​ access and manage federal grants. This tool was developed for the use of all municipalities in coordination with the Institute of Statistics, the Planning Board and the Office of the Commissioner for Municipal Affairs with the objective of increasing and facilitating access to federal grant opportunities. It’s intended to help local governments interested in alternative funding sources to increase revenue, decrease administrative burden and improve outcomes. The tool can assist Municipalities in:  

Strenghtening our capacity to ACCESS federal funds.​
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Resources  for   Grantwriting

Data available from various public entities, ranging from macroeconomic activity to information for specific sectors.
Federal Funds Management Office Initiative
  • ​Identifying how much grant funding is out there for local governments
  • Understanding federal program objectives, restrictions and other requirements
  • Becoming familiar with the federal agency providing the funds
  • Accessing statistical data required for the proposal development or program application
         To access the Municipal Tool, please click here​. 
Strenghtening our capacity to MANAGE Federal Funds.
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Rules   and   Tools

Grant guidance available to help recipients  manage and comply with the rules applicable throughout the lifecycle of a grant.​
State and Industry Tools

Training Resoursces 
 From Pre-Award to Close-Out, a wide array of personnel must be prepared to intervene and be accountable for the management of program dollars and program outcomes. Training is readily available from federal, state and industry sources, ranging from general to program-specific topics.
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