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The Office of Management and Budget offers two programs for student development for graduate students or students in studies related to Law, Business Administration, Communications, Technologies, etc. The Internship Center is established for the benefit of those students whose majors require practice courses in their academic curriculum or for those students who want to enrich their educational experience with practical, hands-on experience during the summer. 


Internships are available in the following areas of the OMB: 

• Resource Management
• Management
• Legislation
• Information Technology
• Human Resources
• Finance
• Communications
Students who do an internship at the OMB develop the following skills:

• Analysis of current procedures and establishment of new procedures that guarantee effective and efficient use of agency resources
• Analysis and development of metrics for quality of services
• Development of technology applications
• Analysis and management of databases
• OMB customer service comprised of agencies and municipalities
• Drafting and recommendation of laws and bills
• Development of trainings and protocols
• Currently studying for a BA or MA in one of the following areas of specialization: Finance, Accounting, Human Resources, Communications,     Information Systems, Computer Sciences, Industrial/Organizational Psychology, Management, Public Administration, Office Systems Administration, and/or Juris Doctor.
• Basic skills in information systems/computer literate
• Bilingual-language skills in Spanish and English




• Updated resumé

• Academic curriculum

• Application form (completed) for the OMB Internship Program



Required documents should be sent by e-mail to the following address: Applicant must be chosen to interview and will be called to the telephone number included in the application. If accepted to the Internship Program, the applicant must comply with the following:

• Present a certificate of Good Behavior/Negative Criminal Record Certification

• Submit to a drug test paid for by the OMB

1. Mr. Gilberto Figueroa - or Ext. 2241
2. Mrs. Laura Castrillón - or Ext. 2259


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