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Technology offers us the opportunity to be in constant, current, and transparent communication on the fiscal and economic issues that arise daily and affect the country. The times we live in require having immediate and first-hand access to relevant information to carry out processes quickly and efficiently. With this purpose, we have renovated our internet presence.
We have designed and developed this website to simplify the search for information about the budget for our users: businesses, schools, agencies, and the general public. We worked jointly with the Planning Board and the Institute of Statics to include relevant information about demographic, budget, and other statistical tendencies and data of prime importance for making decisions. We also include information regarding important topics such as education and security, among others. We will keep this information updated and include information in real time such as white papers, press releases, presentations, and others.
Our team at the Office of Budget and Management continues to work hard to achieve economic recovery for Puerto Rico in terms of the budget, and the information we share with you though our new website will help us all understand how we are progressing.  We want you to understand why we make the fiscal decisions we make and how these help us in restoring our economy. We operate with a smaller budget, as has been made known in the past months; however, it is time to let it be known how we are identifying areas of opportunity such as public management and doing more with the resources we have available.
We invite you to contact us with suggestions on how we can make this website more effective and how we can facilitate the relevant information you seek. We trust that this electronic page is a useful, live tool that is valuable to you as primary users. ‚Äč

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