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Technology offers us the opportunity to be in constant, current, and transparent communication on the fiscal and economic issues that arise daily and affect the country. The times we live in require having immediate and first-hand access to relevant information to carry out processes quickly and efficiently. With this purpose, we have renovated our internet presence.

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Mission An institution with highly professional personnel, valued for the quality and accurateness of its assessments and the firmness of its decisions that promotes the coordinated work of a results oriented government team.Aids and advises the Governor and the three branches of government in the administration and use of public resources and other management aspects to promote an effective government that the guarantees results valued by its citizens.

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Advises the Governor and the Legislative Assembly through the analysis of bills and projects that have an impact on the budget or the treasury, management, and information technology. In addition, the area participates in advising the Governor on signing or vetoing the measures under consideration, prepares or comments on bills, and drafts the joint resolutions that accompany the recommended budget for each year, as well as other programmatic legislation.

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The Federal Funds Management Office is a program attached to the Office of Budget and Management. Its objective is to strengthen the capability of the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, its agencies and constituents, to access and manage federal funds in order to achieve the federal and local governments’ goal of economic and social development for Puerto Rico.

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Organic Law of the Office of Management and Budget

To create the Office of Management and Budget in the Governor's Office, define its functions and powers; to establish the powers and authority of the Governor and the Director of the Office of Management and Budget; to create the Budgetary Fund; to limit operating costs in election years and establish penalties; to authorize the borrowing of money; to make recommendations on income; and to repeal certain laws.

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As a result of the Spanish-American War and as provided by the Treaty of Paris of 1898, Puerto Rico was declared a possession of the United States of America. Some months before the change of sovereignty, by Royal Decree on November 25, 1897, propagated by the Queen Regent, María Cristina, local authority for the creation of a budget was formally enacted. It was established that the Governor General would submit to the Legislatives Chambers each year, on or before December 31, the budget corresponding to the next fiscal exercise.

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