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​This area is responsible for Budget management of the OMB office, as well as administration of the agency’s facilities, purchase of supplies and equipment for operations and those matters regarding the Office of Ex-Governors. It also handles matters regarding OMB contracts and payroll.
1.  Provides efficient and timely services required by the agency in terms of transportation, correspondence, files, safety and security, couriers/messengers, and preventive and corrective maintenance for furniture, property, office equipment, and transportation.
2.  Prepares the yearly Preventive and Corrective Maintenance Plan for furniture, property, office equipment, and transportation.
3.  Oversees, administrates, and protects all public property attached to the agency in compliance with Regulation 11 of the PR Treasury Department on Public Property.
4.  Stores and disposes the agency’s public documents in compliance with Regulation 4284 of the General Services Administration on the Conservation and Disposal of Public Documents.
5.  Develops remodeling, restoration, adaptation, repair, and maintenance projects.
6.  Provides all ex-governors with the necessary facilities and tools required to maintain an office as a former governor.
7.  Provides former governors elected before November 3, 1992 the right to a lifelong pension, as well as disbursements for office expenses, and a pension to the widows of former governors pursuant to Act No. 2 of March 26, 1965, as amended.
8.  Coordinates and completes the purchase of equipment be it through General Services Administration or directly with suppliers.
9.  Counsels in terms of contracting processes the different OMB areas and registers the agency’s contracts.
10.  Monitors the agency’s general Budget and its payroll.
11.  Counsels OMB management on the effective use of the agency’s Budget to maximize available resources.
12.  Participates through the Payroll Section in the preparation and performance of all types of transactions regarding payments and deductions of employee salaries pursuant to current regulations in force.

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