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The Human Resources Office advises the agency’s director and top management personnel on human resources matters in order to achieve the objectives established by management. In addition, it acts as a facilitator for OMB employees and offers support to the Office of the Ex-Governors as custodian of its files as well as any personnel transaction that office may require.

The HR office is responsible for implementing all the provisions of Act No. 184 of August 3, 2004, and any other provision, state or federal, that applies to public service in the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico. 


Analyze and make recommendations on the application of Act No. 184 and the merit principle. Among these are Classification and Compensation, Recruitment and Selection, Appointments and Changes, Retention and Training.

Coordinate matters regarding the Retirement systems and the Commonwealth Employees Association (AEELA) for employees and/or their families, carry out all the analyses and orientations, as well as complete the transactions for retirements, resignations, deaths, among others.

Orient employment candidates and employees in general on fringe benefits and their rights.

Administrate the Kronos Computerized Attendance System and keep employee balances updated.

Serve as liaison between the different regulatory agencies such as Office of the Advocate for People with Disabilities (OPPI), Office of the Advocate for Women (OPM), Government Ethics Office (OEG), Office of the Comptroller for Puerto Rico (OCPR), Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), and Office of the Advocate for Veterans (OPV). The HR office has coordinators who address each one of the public policies established by special laws that apply to public service.

Provide guidance to management and employees about the psychological support services offered by the Employee Aid Program (PAE) which extends to the nuclear family. Talks, crisis interventions, and referrals are coordinated at the request of employees and/or supervisors for situations whose nature may affect the performance of our human resources.
Coordinate trainings, workshops, and talks on professional and personal development of agency employees.

Administrate and coordinate the use of Training Rooms in response to requests received. This coordination may be for internal personnel as well as personnel from other agencies that request the services.

Direct the OMB Internship Program. This includes the selection process of students who will exercise their internship at the agency.

Administrate the use of the Child Care benefit for OMB employee’ children, coordinating with personnel from the chosen Center the admission of each child once all regulations established by the Office have been fulfilled. 

Administrate and maintain the Breast-Feeding Room. This room is prepared for the use of lactating mothers and visitors who may need it. 

Provide orientation to Budget Area personnel on Human Resources issues when requested.

Oversee the Library. The Library offers services to agency employees as well as visitors who request information about government agencies, laws, and other types of government information. 

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