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The Information Technology Area is responsible for implementing public policy as established in Act No. 151 of June 22, 2004, as amended, and known as the Electronic Government Act. In addition, the Area collaborates with the Office of the Chief Information Officer of the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico through a Memorandum of Understanding in the execution of strategies established for Commonwealth agencies in matters of a technological nature. 


1. Implements new work methods using the necessary technological tools to achieve a more accessible, effective, and transparent government for its citizens.
2. Directs and administrates the Electronic Government Program
3. Evaluates legislation of a technological nature and considers the impact of using information technology at the government level in these measures and seeks to harmonize them.
4. Stimulates innovative solutions that promote optimization of services and procedures of the Electronic Government and the use of information technology at the government level.
5. Develops and maintains, directly or by contracting, an infrastructure capable of supplying the technological needs of the agencies of the Commonwealth and allows offering adequate information and services to its citizens.
6. Develops effective controls regarding security of the information systems that support government operations and assets.
7. Facilitates communication between the diverse technologies in operation at the Commonwealth agencies to achieve the necessary cooperation and coordination that ensures the success of the Electronic Government.
8. Develops, promotes, collaborates with, transacts, and directs technology projects at the interagency level.
9. Provides technical support services, data storage, and internet access to government agencies.

This Area has the following specialized divisions:

1. Website Division - this division administrates, maintains, and develops online services for Commonwealth agencies, as well as designs the diverse interagency websites.
2. Communications and Infrastructure Division - Is responsible for advising on telecommunications investments and services for Commonwealth agencies.
3. Operations Division - this division administrates and provides maintenance to the databases of all government agencies servers inserted in the central government network.
4. Technical Support Division - This is a technical support division servicing all Commonwealth agencies in matters concerning communications connectivity, configuration, and security. It also administrates the products of the global licensing contracts.
5. Research and Development Division - Directs application development initiatives to address needs for computerized services and government processes in an innovative, agile, and efficient manner.
6. Geographic Information Systems Division - Responsible for collecting, processing, and maintaining geographic information on the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico.
7. Internal Information Technology Division - Carries out functions in data maintenance (data center) and technical assistance (help desk) for the OMB work units. In addition, it recommends and implements policies and data security applications, and use of office information systems. 
8. Special Projects Division - Assists in the development and implementation of information technology projects dedicated to the performance of the powers and authorities the OMB. 

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