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Advises the Governor and the Legislative Assembly through the analysis of bills and projects that have an impact on the budget or the treasury, management, and information technology. In addition, the area participates in advising the Governor on signing or vetoing the measures under consideration, prepares or comments on bills, and drafts the joint resolutions that accompany the recommended budget for each year, as well as other programmatic legislation.
• Evaluate all legislation referred by the Governor (bills and projects) on matters of management, budget, and information technology.
• Recommend signing or vetoing or returning to the Legislative Assembly those measures referred by the Governor’s Office on Legislative Affairs.
• Evaluate legislation referred by the Legislative Assembly commissions on matters regarding management, Budget, and information technology.
These are:
• Legal Briefs – Reports addressed to the legislative commissions that do not require participation at public hearings.
• White Papers - Reports addressed to the legislative commissions that require participation at public hearings, particularly those attended by the director of the Office of Management and Budget.
• Certifications on Availability of Funds - Article 8 of Act No. 103 of May 25, 2006, known as the Fiscal Reform Act of the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, imposed the requirement that all legislative commissions that file a report proposing the approval of a measure must request a certification from the Office of Management and Budget on the budget impact the measure will have on the budget of the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico.
• Recommend new legislation to the Governor, pursuant to the powers and duties of the Office of Management and Budget.
• Draft the joint resolutions that accompany the recommended Budget for each fiscal year and review the Legal Basis of the agencies in the Recommended Budget text for each fiscal year.
• Recommend alternative legislation to laws proposed by the Legislative Assembly when analysis determines that the measure should not be approved as written.
• Collaborate with the Council on Modernization and Reorganization of the Executive Branch in evaluating and analyzing those bills and measures for the Reorganization Plans of the Executive Branch when they are referred to the Legislation Area. When requested, evaluate, analyze, and draft the OMB comments to the Council for members of the Council who attend the public hearings regarding these Plans.
• Evaluate legislation that requires regulation by the Office of Management and Budget. Draft and publish the required regulations.
• Collaborate with the course offered by the Comptroller’s Office on “Use of Public Funds and Property” given to elected officials. Act No. 22 of August 6, 1999.

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