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The Public Management Office serves as facilitator for government agencies in search of solutions directed at an agile government that responds rapidly and effectively to the needs of citizens. Through this function, it promotes and collaborates with the incorporation of management strategies directed at increasing efficiency and effectiveness of government operations.

Our objective is to achieve a public administration that is modern and agile, with government programs focused on results and efficient services for the citizen.


 Advise agency officials on planning, design, and implementation of organizational changes in order to achieve a public management model that is agile, that responds to the needs of its constituents, and that complies with the rules and regulations that apply.

 Facilitate the exchange of information between government agencies to seek solutions to management and operational problems in the agencies. 

 Identify programs and projects that may be improved and perform evaluations to allow for decision making on the continuity of transformation of these.

 Promote the development of an organizational culture in our agencies and government departments focused on rendering quality public services.

Carry out studies on cost-effectiveness that facilitate performance analysis and viability of government programs.

 Establish mechanisms to ensure that agencies and government departments, as well as public employees, are accountable for the performance of their functions so that their efficiency and effectiveness can be measured and assessed. 

 Advise agency and department officials on the creation, elimination, and consolidation of organizational units.

Evaluate management strategies and techniques used in other jurisdictions to address problems or situations similar to the ones in Puerto Rico. If applicable, recommend their adoption.

Develop and offer training activities to agency employees and officials on management strategies and techniques that help them obtain desired results.

 Collaborate in the drafting and analysis of legislation on the reorganization of agencies and departments.

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