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Agencies Greater Budgetary Impact
This section presents Budget information and statistics (graphs) of the agencies that most affect the General Fund. Almost 80% of the General Fund Budget is assigned to these six agencies: (i) Department of Education, (ii) Department of the Family, (iii) Department of Health, (iv) Puerto Rico Police Department, (v) Department of Corrections, and (vi) Department of the Treasury. 

First we present the budgets in graphs, then we provide the links to each one of the annual budgets, and lastly we include additional graphs for each one of the agencies listed above. 
  • Department of EducationDepartment of Education
  • Department of HealthDepartment of Health
  • Puerto Rico Police DepartmentPuerto Rico Police Department
  • Department of CorrectionDepartment of Correction
  • Department of the FamilyDepartment of the Family
  • Department of TresuryDepartment of Tresury





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