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Portal Oficial Del
Gobierno de Puerto Rico


Find information related to opportunities and benefits available to public employees and their families.

Home Use Program
Information on the Home Use Program for public employees interested in using the program at home computers. /G2GPortal/Inicio/Beneficios/SoftwareHogar.htm  - More
Employees of the Government and the Judiciary Retirement System of the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico /G2GPortal/Inicio/Beneficios/ASR_red.htm  - More

Authorization for Inscription to and Deductions from the AEELA Savings and Loans Fund
/G2GPortal/Inicio/Beneficios/AutorizacionIngresoAEELA.htm  - More

Direct Deposit
What is Direct Deposit? Direct Deposit is the service through which an employee or civil servant opts to receive the payroll payment automatically in a bank or cooperative checking or savings account.

 Why choose Direct Deposit?
/G2GPortal/Inicio/Beneficios/DepositoDirecto.htm  - More

Legislation, Regulations and Agreements
/G2GPortal/Inicio/Beneficios/LegislacionReglamentosConvenios.htm  - More

Health Plans
/G2GPortal/Inicio/Beneficios/PlanesMedicos_red.htm  - More

Reservations for AEELA Playa Santa
/G2GPortal/Inicio/Beneficios/PlayaSanta.htm  - More

Application for AEELA Credit Card
/G2GPortal/Inicio/Beneficios/SolicitudTarjeta.htm  - More