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Portal Oficial Del
Gobierno de Puerto Rico

Government Programs

Here government employees can find links for applications of different government programs. In addition, they can access reference documents.

Reduced Hours Opportunity Program
Link to information about the Reduced Hours Opportunity Program of the Executive Branch of the Government of Puerto Rico.
/G2GPortal/Inicio/ProgramaGobierno/ReduccionJornada_red.htm  - More 
Studies on Photocopiers and Printers Usage
The Office of Management and Budget is undertaking a management study on the usage of technological resources in the agencies of the Executive Branch, specifically of photocopiers and printers.
/G2GPortal/Inicio/ProgramaGobierno/EstudioFotocopiadorasImpresoras_red.htm  - More 

Expense Reduction
The Government of the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico is experiencing a difficult fiscal situation that calls for administrative measures aimed at reducing and limiting public expense. Facing an approved budget for this fiscal year 2005-06  whose...
/G2GPortal/Inicio/ProgramaGobierno/ReduccionGastos_red.htm  - More
General Fund Human Resources Report
/G2GPortal/Inicio/ProgramaGobierno/InformeFondoGeneral_red.htm  - More
Extended Hours
The Extended Hours Program offers working citizens off-hours services otherwise available during normal working hours. The program includes issuance of permits, licenses, certifications and other documents of....
/G2GPortal/Inicio/ProgramaGobierno/HorarioExtendido_red.htm  - More