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Portal Oficial Del
Gobierno de Puerto Rico

IT  Community

Through this window IT professionals working at government agencies of the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico can exchange specialized information. It is mean to assist them with their duties through mutual cooperation and coordination.
The Office of Management and Budget provides governmental employees with such services as training, licensing, technical documents, publications and websites, among others.


Policy TIG-001-05 of December 6, 2005 was established to integrate all information required for the Annual Administration Plan for Technological Resources. Access it at
To help in the process, an application was developed that describes the current situation of the Agency and the projects slated for development each fiscal year.

Please verify that your Agency´s staff has Office 2003 installed in its computers, with the Info Path application found in Service Pack 1, in order to access and fulfill the required information.
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Technology Laws
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Geographic Information Systems
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