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 Policies and Guidelines

This section offers IT personnel working for the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, policies and guidelines for organizing and managing government technology.

Circular Letters
Directions for the acquisition and implementation of information technology systems and equipment at government entities.
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TIG-001 Annual Plan for Technological Resources Management
Find general directions on the duties and responsibilities of agencies preparing Annual IT Plans for the government. The following policies were abolished: TIG-001, known as Project Approval...
/G2GPortal/Home/ITCommunity/Documentation/Policies/TIG-001.htm  - More
TIG-002 Agency Web Site Development and Maintenance

Each Agency is responsible for the development and maintenance of websites offering citizens and private enterprises a virtual alternative when searching for information about its services. This policy is meant to improve the distribution and...
/G2GPortal/Home/ ITCommunity/Documentation/Policies /TIG-002.htm  - More
TIG-003 Information Systems Security
General directions for agencies about establishing adequate controls in their electronic information systems to guarantee privacy, integrity and availability of the information they manage.
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TIG-004 Technology Services
This policy provides agencies with general directions regarding the services of the Office of Management and Budget and the conditions and responsibilities required for obtaining those services.
/G2GPortal/Home/ITCommunity/Documentation/Policies/TIG-004.htm  - More
TIG-006 Development, Integration and Publication of Governmental Electronic Transactions
This policy describes the responsibilities and requirements of governmental entities regarding the development, implementation and publication of electronic transactions or forms available through Internet.
/G2GPortal/Home Home/ITCommunity/Documentation/Policies/TIG-006.htm  - More
TIG-007 Regulations for Equipment and Licenses
/G2GPortal/ Home/ITCommunity/Documentation/Policies/TIG-007.htm  - More
TIG-008 Use of Information Systems, Internet and Emails
/G2GPortal/ Home/ITCommunity/Documentation/Policies/TIG-008.htm  - More
TIG-009 Integration of Financial Systems
This policy authorizes governmental entities to develop or acquire payroll, financial or human resources applications if such applications provide compatibility and/or integration to the Puerto Rico Integrated Financial Accounting System (PRIFAS) or the Payroll and Human Resources System (RHUM) modules...
/G2GPortal/ Home/ITCommunity/Documentation/Policies/TIG-009.htm  - More
TIG-010 Acquisition of Equipment for Computerized Information Systems
/G2GPortal/Inicio Home/ITCommunity/Documentation/Policies/-010.htm  - More