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Public Spending

Circular Letter 110 - 2006
Application of norms related to Executive Order No. 2005-74 of November 21, 2005 (Administrative Bulletin No. OE-2005-74): This Circular Letter comes from Executive Order No. 2005-74 of November 21, 2005 as amended,  that orders...
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Circular Letter No. 82-07: Norms related to expense control in the Government of the Commonwealth, in relation to Executive Order No. 2006-27
Circular Letter No. 82-07 of August 30, 2006
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Legislature Report
The Agencies will be responsible of preparing and submitting to OMB  the reports included bellow. They should be certified by the Agency´s director, or authorized representative and submitted at the established date, even if there are no transactions...
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General Memorandum No. 354-06: Electronic System for Submitting Expense Reports 
Electronic Memorandum. The Office of Management  and Budget published Circular Letter  110-2006 as per Executive Orders No. 2005-74 and No. 2005-81, and JR No. 321 of November 21, 2005. It informs the duties of the agencies and instrumentalities... /G2GPortal/Home/ExpenseReduction/GeneralMemoNo354-06.htm  - More

Executive Order 2005 - 81
Executive Order of the Governor of the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico to amend Executive Order No. 74 of November 21, 2005, Administrative Bulletin No. OE-2005-74, to extend deadlines for Agency reports...
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Joint Resolution 321 of November 21, 2005The Legislative Assembly of Puerto Rico, in fulfilling its commitment to provide the people with a fair and efficient tax system and to provide the necessary mechanisms to reform governmental finances, adopted...
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